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Creating a directory of high quality support for therapists

Currently it is hard to find good quality group support. Directories tend to be aimed at those providing therapy rather than supporting therapists. Organisations tend to focus on promoting groups using their approach. What is missing is somewhere promoting a variety of opportunities for group support.

Next steps

GROUPVISION would like to promote a range of high quality, affordable and accessible group support by providing links to other websites. So group providers would retain their independence but have a place to come together to promote group support. The aim is a way of sharing the costs of promoting groups. If people find good qualify group support through in one group they are likely to tell others about the website who will then go on to find the group support they are looking for.

If you are interested in this please get in contact or complete this survey.

If this is successful we hope to develop a community of group providers with possibilities for collaboration and developing best practice in group support. In this way the vision is that the group will become much more than a sum of its parts and be a valuable support to people looking for groups and those providing them.

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