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Support for the business & management of therapy

Independent development with peer support

Professional & practice development

Therapists can lack can support for the non-clinical roles and tasks that we have. For instance, those of us in private practice also deal with:

  • Client management - setting fees and client contracts
  • Marketing - writing articles and subscribing to directories
  • Human resources - balancing work with personal and family life

    These roles often lack the support they need. Action learning in groups or ‘sets’ with colleagues offers support which complements clinical supervision. The support offered can help you to tackle a variety of different professional goals including:
  • Developing a new project e.g. providing training in schools
  • Professional development e.g. becoming accredited
  • Setting up in private practice individually or as a group
  • Managing a professional transition e.g. retirement or relocation
  • Taking on a new role e.g. becoming a trainer, supervisor or coach
  • Working through the impact of personal/health issues on work

    It also offers a good way of starting a practice with other therapists whether based on locality or a group of therapists with a common area of interest e.g. a network of therapists working with people struggling with eating disorders.

  • Group Coaching. Bonnieopenhands

    Bonnie Grotjahn

    Bonnie is an experienced psychotherapist and a member of International Foundation for Action Learning . She enjoys enabling small groups of peers who are freelance, entrepreneur or self-employed to support one another's personal and professional development. She uses an action learning approach to help group members take time and space to explore work-related issues in a confidential, supportive environment.

    If you’d like to give virtual action learning a try, and think you might like to join an ongoing virtual group Bonnie is offering an interactive taster as the place to start. That way you can experience the process for yourself. She will guide you through the process and also give at least one of you the chance to present a live issue, get a feel for how I work and also ‘meet’ some of the people who might also be part of an ongoing group before you commit.

    For more information visit Bonnie’s website:

    Group Coaching. Alexinpink

    Alex Duffield

    Alex is setting up action learning groups, or ‘sets’ as they are known, of up to 6 therapists which will meet fortnightly for 1.5 hours. He is a member of International Foundation for Action Learning and is an experienced action learning facilitator accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. The sets will meet online or by telephone group conference calling and you will be able to express a preference when you apply. They are open to therapists at any stage in their career.

    If you are interested in joining a set please complete this short survey or email and he will arrange an initial informal discussion. If you go ahead you will then be able to join a group for two introductory sessions to see if it is right for you. In these meeting Alex will

  • Provide a brief history of the origins of action learning, and
  • Talk about his experience of action learning

    You will have an opportunity to
  • Try it out, and
  • Talk through whether it would be helpful for you to join an initial trial of 12 sessions.

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