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Supervision ‘in and by’ the group

Opportunities for group supervision

Why choose group supervision?

The pooled responses and reflections of the members of a supervision group can be greater than the sum of their individual parts and are the heart or ‘medium’ of supervision. They offer an invaluable diversity of perspectives. To harness the potential of the group requires understanding of, confidence in and commitment to the group by the members which can be cultivated by a skilled group supervisor. The approach is an empowering one and focused on trying to help us as therapists to think for ourselves, gain the confidence to make our own decisions and to learn from the times when things do not go as planned. This helps us to develop our capacity to reflect on our own work and that of our fellow group members and offers an important experience in our development as supervisors.

Group supervision. Lee

Lee Anna Simmons

Clinical supervision is available with Lee Anna Simmons, Art Psychotherapist & EMDR practitioner. Lee has experience working with a range of clients: adults, children and adolescents. She has worked with organisations in the public sector, in schools and in private practice. She is and experienced and qualified clinical supervisor (groups and individuals). She has worked for charities working with torture survivors and refugees and as an advisor in related fields since 2005.

Lee has a diploma in ‘Using the Group as the Medium for Supervision’ from the Institute of Group Analysis. She is a British Association of Art Therapists approved therapist and supervisor. Organisations can arrange for supervision to be held at their sites and individual practitioners can receive one to one or group sessions in person or online. She is based in London.

Sessions are available online and over the telephone during the Coronavirus outbreak.

For more information:

  • 0770 421 9009

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    Alex Duffield

    Alex Duffield has a diploma in ‘Using the Group as the Medium for Supervision’ from the Institute of Group Analysis. He has experience of running supervision groups in a community counselling service. He is setting up supervision groups of up to 4 therapists which will meet weekly or fortnightly 1.5 hours. The frequency and duration of sessions will depend on the number of members and be confirmed in the introductory sessions.

    They are for counsellors or therapists who are BACP accredited to eligible to apply for accreditation or therapists from other training bodies at the equivalent stage i.e. they are able to take clinical responsibility for their clients/patients.

    The supervision will take place online or by telephone group conference calling and therefore be open to therapists from across the UK.

    If you are interested in joining a group please complete this short questionnaire or email and Alex will arrange an initial informal discussion. If you go ahead you will then be able to join a group for two introductory sessions to see if it is right for you. In these sessions you will have an opportunity to discuss with the group:

  • What you want from supervision
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • What you need from yourself and others in the group, &
  • An opportunity to introduce yourself and your approach to therapy.

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